The Newbie: Series 4

The Newbie: Series 4

  Whoa! I'm officially a foodie grub (hopefully just for a week though). So for my recent posts, I will be ditching the day-to-day count for a while. I felt like it put a somewhat rigid structure to the writing, so I'll go with the flow for the next few months. I'm still counting the days … Continue reading The Newbie: Series 4


My Close Shave With Death

Myth -> You only live once?
Truth -> You live everyday, you only die once.

This definitely resonates with me. I had a close experience to losing someone dear to me this weekend. In that moment when I started to think about what to do, I realised how helpless I was. Most importantly, I realised how it’s been easier to chase empty shadows than impact meaningfully. Instantly, nothing else mattered, work, church, anger, money, etc.

I quickly dropped everything else that seemed important, and took time out to spend with my dear dad (I’ll write about that shortly). I couldn’t bear the thought of losing him, but I quickly realised life is much more than moving through.

Life is living, and living is about people!

Please read and enjoy my cousin’s post on her close shave with death. I’m grateful for the victory over death. Halleluyah!


Friday is my best day of the week. Don’t ask me why because for the life of me, I cannot give you a clear cut answer. But I mostly allude my crush on Friday as the aftermath of primary school assembly. I vividly remember my favorite marching song, “Monday we go to school,Tuesday we go to school, Wednesday we go to school,Thursday we go to school, Friday WE PACK OUR LOAD, because tomorrow morning Saturday no school”… Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Fast-forward to 2017.A typical Friday starts on an exhilarated “high” for me . my shift at work starts by 12noon and my radio show starts by 1pm. Enough time for me to lounge.

After taking my bath and enjoying a light breakfast, I dilly dallied in front of my wardrobe, eyebrows knit together in total concentration as I browsed through my clothes collection. At the conclusion of…

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